Rémy Perthuisot

Few words...

Since I were a child, I have been dreaming of telling stories: I have always been very curious about the world surrounding us.

I have made my studies in Paris, starting by sciences and then human sciences. I have been graduated in a contemporary art history degree, in a photography history major at La Sorbonne University of Paris.

My passion for art got the upper hand on everything else since I am naturally curious and dreamy...
Photography has been a long-standing passion that, associated with drawing, painting and writing, progressively became a real job.

It is a good way for me to share the chaotic world sleeping inside me, a world where sensitivity, obsessions and questions about reality and about the real or imaginary world that surrounds us, are jostling together.

I usually make many portraits, but also production of images that often are stories and fairytales illustrations which inspire me or which I invent.

I really like sharing out with other artists of any type such as dancers, actors, writers, musicians and painters... Sharing entertains, develops my spirit and makes me see things differently. 

The way I work is mainly by sharing out with people.

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